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iCare Health Network is committed to keeping residents, families, partners and the public informed throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

This includes updates on the status of operations and services and to the presence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the skilled nursing care centers it operates. 

We are adhering to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Connecticut Department of Public Health and local health departments as it relates to the care of patients with COVID, the management of staff and the use of personal protective equipment and adapting to updated guidance as it is provided.

In addition, iCare Health Network is coordinating its operations through a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan that is modified and updated as new conditions, guidance and supports arise.  



  • iCare is operating off of an extensive, written Response Plan which is itself derived off of guidance from the Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and other regulatory agencies and subject matter experts.
  • The iCare clinical operations team is consulting on a minute by minute basis on specific issues and iCare centers are regularly inspected, audited and reviewed by Department of Public Health inspectors and associated staff. 
  • If one or more presumptive positive COVID case is present in an iCare care center, the resident and their responsible party will be notified.
  • Generally, an effort will be made to treat residents who are positive for the virus, or who have symptoms, in place. This means that in most cases they will not be transferred to an emergency department for care unless their symptoms cannot be adequately treated in the care center. 
  • If you have a question or concern as it relates to COVID-19 in general we would direct you to the CDC website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.
  • If you have a concern about a specific resident please contact the iCare care center directly by phone. For all other inquiries, please email

Impact to the Daily Operation of iCare Health Network Care Centers

  Services, Programs and Partnerships SUSPENDED Until Further Notice

  1. Visitors, consistent with Department of Public Health memo. Outdoor visits are currently permitted and conducted in ALL iCare care centers. 
  2. Volunteer services.
  3. Outside chaplaincy and entertainment services.
  4. Outside food deliveries for staff and residents.
  5. Outside nursing, social work, and other training and preceptorship programs.
  6. Therapeutic and other resident leaves of absence.
  7. Hairdresser and other non-clinical, professional services.
  8. Pets, including personal pets and pet therapy. 
  9. On-site clinical assessment and evaluation by iCare Health Network Regional Clinical Liaisons.
  10. Internal and external meetings involving care center or iCare central office staff. Meetings and events that are not considered to be mission critical and/or time sensitive should be canceled or take place telephonically.
  11. Seminars, Conferences and Training.
  12. Outpatient Rehab and Therapy Services shall be immediately suspended.
  13. Communal dining and all group activities.
  14. New-Hire Orientation at the iCare corporate office suspended at this time.

Services, Programs and Partnerships TO CONTINUE Until Further Notice

  1. New admissions, subject to COVID screening tool as applicable.
  2. Vendor activity and deliveries, into non-patient areas to continue.
  3. Third party providers of front line clinical care; to submit and follow their company’s validated treatment and exposure plans and wear appropriate PPE as directed and indicated.
  4. Laundry by families; resident laundry that is washed and dried by family members will continue per normal and be exchanged between staff and family outside of patient care areas.
  5. Certified service animals.
  6. Interviewing and hiring. The interviewing and hiring of clinical and non-clinical candidates will continue. Hiring events and interviews will be isolated to a single location and limited dates, to occur in the iCare central office or another off-site location not to include an iCare care center.
  7. Each care center’s professional development coordinator and human resources team shall complete a weekly orientation (depending on new hire numbers) at their assigned care center.