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Areas of Expertise

Since 2001, iCare Management, LLC has built a distinguished reputation for providing high-quality operating, management and consulting services to skilled nursing care centers and other healthcare providers.

iCare has a strong 20+ year track record of successful turnarounds of skilled nursing facilities considered distressed assets and operating such facilities with quality care and financial prudence.  iCare performs well in competitive markets by adapting swiftly to changing demands within the healthcare landscape. 

Now known as iCare Health Network, the management philosophy includes innovative and in-demand clinical programming; strong operational, financial and human resources management; and, the use of hands-on experience to cultivate sound and consistent operations. 

iCare provides a valuable community service role and public benefit by serving under-served individuals who suffer from complex conditions and often have difficulty in locating other appropriate sites of care.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Operations and Multi-channel Performance
  • Financial Management, Business Planning, Predictive Analysis, Forecasting and Cost Modeling
  • Management of Regulatory Requirements
  • Clinical Programming and Clinical Performance Improvement
  • Marketing, Branding and Development
  • Public, Community and Governmental Outreach
  • Strategic Partnerships, Value-Based Care and Brand Positioning
  • Census and Bed Management
  • Human Resources, Recruiting, Staffing, Payroll and Labor Relations
  • Leadership Sourcing and Cultivation
  • Purchasing, Contracting and Vendor Relations Management
  • Ancillary Services Management
  • Holistic Management Turnarounds
  • Infection Control and Pandemic Response

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