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iCare Health Network’s seasoned leadership team has decades of experience in clinical, operational, financial, organizational and human resources fields.

Chris S. Wright, President and CEO, iCare Health Network

The iCare Health Network team prides itself on:

  • Always putting patient care and the needs of the individual resident at the center of all that we do. 
  • Doing what is right;
  • Investing the future and taking the long view, not the immediate gain;
  • Being nimble and responsive to changing healthcare markets and a challenged industry; 
  • Being plugged in, networked and highly influential within the industry; and
  • Seeking challenging niche markets and new and innovative opportunities.

Leadership Team

  • Chris Wright

    President, Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Plausse

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jonathan Starble

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Allison Breault

    Chief Clinical Officer

  • Donna Farr

    President, Touchpoints Therapy and Vice President, Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement

  • Jaime Faucher

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Denise MacKinnon

    Vice President, Financial Services

  • Dereck Singh

    Vice President, Business Planning

  • Robert Burke

    Vice President, Psychosocial Services

  • David Skoczulek

    Vice President, Business Development and Communications

  • Lori Quarterson

    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Christina Gorgone

    Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management

  • Brooke Heinlein

    Associate Counsel

  • Deb Cate

    Director, Payroll

  • Kartik Patel

    Director, Accounting

  • Jess DeRing

    Director of Operations, MissionCare Health

  • Holly Giuditta-Deming

    Director, Recruitment & Retention

  • Laura Jones

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Francis Lijadu

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Deborah Bostic

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Shanta Griffiths

    Regional Clinical Director

  • Caleb Wright

    Director, Information Technology

  • Amanda Sochia

    Regional Director, Medical Records

  • Robert Engleman

    Regional Director, Maintenance & Environmental Services

  • Renee Cole

    Director, Specialty Programming & Strategy