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For press inquiries and image requests, please contact:

David Skoczulek  -  Spokesperson

Vice President of Business Development


Contact by email for the most prompt response. See Media Inquiries section below for more information. 


For the latest news and press releases on iCare Health Network, visit our Blog. Information is also available on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and accounts. Buttons for each are at the bottom of the page. 

Company Overview

iCare Health Network (IHN) provides management, operating and consulting services to skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare providers. Through its managed facilities IHN offers a range of services including medical, short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, behavioral health, substance use management, and memory care & support services. IHN manages 11 sites in Connecticut including four Touchpoints Rehab centers, seven Greater Hartford Memory Care Centers, and SecureCare Options/60 West. IHN also offers LTC Integrity audit tools, separate outpatient therapy, rehabilitation and home care units and specializes in healthcare real estate transactions and skilled nursing turnarounds. 

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Media Inquires 

iCare Health Network strives to ensure a good working relationship with the media and the public through professionalism and mutual respect. iCare is committed to, and recognizes the right of, the news media and general public to be fully and accurately informed on all matters concerning resident safety, health, well-being and care center operations as part of the community at large.

Release of Information – The spokesperson shall coordinate the release of all general information concerning iCare policies and operations as well as specific statements on issues that might arise.  Such information shall be conveyed to the media in a timely fashion, in deference to reporters’ deadlines, whenever possible.

Information Content –  Reporter’s questions will be answered as thoroughly and factually as possible at the time of the inquiry. Limited information will be provided while an incident is still underway. Information will NOT be released when the request:

  • Includes patient medical history of any kind or individually identifiable protected health information;
  • Is not from an established and credentialed media outlet such as a newspaper, radio or TV station; and/or
  • Includes conjectural, theoretical, hypothetical or unfounded information or is libelous or slanderous to a person or agency.