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Administrator's Week 2024 Highlight: George Kingston, Parkville Care Center

March 14, 2024

March 11-15, 2024 is National Long Term-Care Administrator’s Week. During this week, staff, residents, families, and volunteers have the opportunity to say “thank you” and honor the administrators who lead our nation’s long-term care communities. 

A heartfelt and sincere thank you from all of us at iCare Health Network to our dedicated Administrator team who continues to lead through challenging times and work tirelessly to safeguard and enrich the lives of the residents we serve. 

In celebrating Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate George Kingston, Administrator of Parkville Care Center!

“My proudest moments have come after a week-long, arduous and thorough public health department annual survey. The center’s team is all assembled in the room awaiting the results. There is a moment of apprehension while we hold our pens to paper waiting to take notes. The survey team leader gives the customary thank you to the care center for their hospitality, pauses, and says, “We have no recommendations at this time”. You have achieved a deficiency-free survey which along with the thanks and praise of residents and their families is the best endorsement of the hard work of your team.

“The survey team leaves and you and your team, the people that made it happen, look at each other in amazement. You and your staff have thrown the long-term care equivalent of the perfect game. Every note written, care plan developed, the hundred decisions made in the day for over a year were perfect.

“You and your team feel invincible. Greatest experience in the world.”