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Touchpoints at Manchester Team Receives Praise for Programs and Care - February 2020

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MANCHESTER (March 5, 2020) – In early February 2020, Touchpoints at Manchester received generous and detailed praise for their care and programming by a recently discharged resident.



Her testimonial reads: 


When I arrived at Touchpoints from the hospital, I was in a desperate condition. I really did not think I would make it through the night. Kim, my care navigator and Physical Therapist, immediately asked if she could sit with me. She really listened to me and I feel because she listened she was able to help me breathe easier, calm down and feel safe.

Kim assured me that the Touchpoints cardiopulmonary program is very comprehensive and they will work with my cardiologist, Dr. Dahhan. I felt confident I was in the right place. My husband and I met with the entire team to map out my care; they wanted to make sure all our questions were answered and that I was an active part in my plan.

Here I am today, no longer requiring oxygen to breathe and be active. I am walking without a walker or cane. I can tackle stairs without shortness of breath and breathe on my own!

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to one and all for the care, compassion and thoughtfulness that went into my care since I have been here at Touchpoints.

Rosemary Rittner (February 2020)

*Quotes, details, photo and patient information all appear with express written permission.