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60 West's ABI Program Team Praised for Care and Support by Family of a Resident

iCare Health Network, 60 West, Acquired Brain Injury Program

ROCKY HILL (December 13, 2019) – This month the team at 60 West received some excellent feedback and praise from a family member of a resident receiving care through their Acquired Brain Injury Program. 


The testimonial reads: 


“The team at 60 West is awesome. We had a great experience with everyone at the facility and I have only positive to say about the Acquired Brain Injury Program.

From our first meeting with Kyle Bousquet, Program Director, to all the nurses, social worker, and staff; they were all very helpful and assisted Steven in achieving his goals, and always with much care and safety, as needed.

When we made the transfer from a rehab in Massachusetts to 60 West, I was  very impressed, and thankful, that Kyle Bousquet took care of the calls through the process from the beginning steps with the insurance company, to ultimately having Steven transferred from a Massachusetts Rehab to 60 West. 

With all the care from 60 West that Steven received, he was able to meet his goals and get to where he is today. He has successfully transitioned home with plans in place for his safety and care, and again ALL of this too was done with the help of 60 West.

I would definitely recommend 60 West to family and friends.  They take great care of their patients, always with a smile, and with the utmost professionalism.”


Steven’s Mom and Caregiver

**Names and other details used with express written permission