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Integrated Transitional Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Patient Testimonial: March 2018

Dr. John Rodgers, Prime Healthcare, iCare Health Network, Touchpoints Rehab, Pulmonary Rehabilitaion, Touchpoints at Farmington

Elizabeth’s Story

Diagnosis: Pulmonary Fibrosis, Acute Respiratory Infection

“Even though I live in Suffield, I chose Touchpoints at Farmington because I just knew that would be the best rehab for me. BEST DECISION EVER! BEST CARE IN THE WORLD! That is how I would like to begin to express my gratitude to the Staff at Touchpoints.

Due to pulmonary disease, I have had other recent hospitalizations and associated rehab stays. Both rehabs said they had pulmonary services but I ended but back in the hospital shortly after returning home.

This time I spoke with my pulmonologist, Dr. John Rodgers, and he recommended Touchpoints Rehab. My pulmonology practice not only follows me when I am home, but they were able to treat me at St Francis Hospital and to my great joy, at Touchpoints at Farmington, too.”

How wonderful to have “MY pulmonary team” at my side at the hospital and then again at Touchpoints at Farmington. Touchpoints will be my only choice from this day forward

Maureen, my angel respiratory therapist, (Maureen Orlando, Care Transitions Respiratory Therapist) taught me things no one had before. She took time to actually teach me not just tell me or hand me something to read. She saw me every day! Her teaching empowered me to get stronger and breathe more efficiently, giving me more energy. She was so caring.

The Touchpoints team has a very holistic approach to pulmonary rehab. Through education and training I learned how important being able to achieve relax and plan and pace my activities actually gave me more energy, time and confidence to do my everyday things.

I am home more confident, capable and hopeful than ever. My goal is to drive again in the near future so that I may return to TAF and visit with my new friends.”

**First name and healthcare details appear with express written permission.