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Administrator's Week 2024 Highlight: Heather Rodriguez, Touchpoints at Bloomfield

March 11, 2024

March 11-15, 2024 is National Long Term-Care Administrator’s Week. During this week, staff, residents, families, and volunteers have the opportunity to say “thank you” and honor the administrators who lead our nation’s long-term care communities. 

A heartfelt and sincere thank you from all of us at iCare Health Network to our dedicated Administrator team who continues to lead through challenging times and work tirelessly to safeguard and enrich the lives of the residents we serve. 

In celebrating Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate Heather Rodriguez, Administrator of Touchpoints at Bloomfield!

“As an Administrator since 2002, I have found that everyday is a new adventure. I began my career as a CNA then transitioned to a Director of Social Services within the nursing home but realized that I was limited with what changes I could make or implement in the lives of not only the residents but the families and staff. As an Administrator I am able to interact with them all and try to find solutions for all. This gives meaning and purpose to my life and career.

I do not go to work expecting the same as the day before, being willing to bend to what is going on and going with the flow makes the difference. The situations that arise are ever changing. Even on what I may feel is some of my toughest days, such as when we were in the recent pandemic, the residents made it all worth it. Whether it was being able to alleviate their fears, sit with them when their own family and friends could not, seeing a smile on their face would make my day.”