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MissionCare at Holyoke Holds Ceremonial Opening

August 20, 2021

HOLYOKE (August 20, 2021) – On August 18, 2021 the team at MissionCare at Holyoke held a ceremonial opening, so named because the care center has been open and in operation as MissionCare since early 2021. 

In attendance were residents, staff, families, dignitaries, partners and members of the iCare Health Network team. The theme included references to butterflies to signify the process of MissionCare becoming what it is today as a result of the coming together of Farren Care Center, Mount Saint Vincent and iCare.  

Much like the metaphor of a butterfly, this building, it’s residents, staff and friends have been through a life changing transformation. It did not happen on February 2nd, but instead has been evolving since it’s creation. I would be remiss not to recognize the work of the sisters of providence in assuring the future and health of those they served from the moment they created something, including MSV and Farren.

I know we are all aware of the metamorphosis of caterpillar becoming a chrysalis, and finally a butterfly.

But there is a much less known/but most important, aspect of the creation of these beautiful creatures. It is within the cocoon that something magical happens.

The caterpillar actually releases cells that they have carried their whole life,but interestingly, those cells contain none of the dna of the caterpillar. These are called “imaginal cells”. It is the imaginal cell ls DNA that builds the butterfly. The caterpillar actually works to create antibodies against these imaginal cells, until, during metamorphosis, both sets of cells merge and become one, to create a brand new being, the butterfly. It caterpillar has become the most stunning version of what it once was. Imagine that…

If we liken this to The sisters of providence, they carried those imaginal cells during the existence of both Farren care center and Mount Saint Vincent. Those original cells and imaginal cells were released during its dormant stage, becoming something brand new, MissionCare at Holyoke.

This is much like our world has experienced in the last year and a. Half. We are not who we once were. We have transformed into new versions of ourselves. The experience of COVID in our lifetime has created a stronger, more flexible, grateful, safe version of who we once were. Our imaginal cells, carried through our lifetime, have merged with our DNA to build who we are today.

Because of iCare’s commitment to our residents, we are no longer have the DNA of MSV, we no longer have the DNA of Farren Care Center, we are new version of our past , now called MissionCare at Holyoke. And I have. absolutely no doubt we will be the most stunning product of both.

-Edin Thompson, Administrator

Remarks were made by Residents Lisa Hutchinson and Nancy Smith; Edin Thompson, Administrator, Mike Landi, iCare Chief Operating Officer, and Chris Wright, iCare President and CEO.

Other highlights of the Program included:

  • Remembrance - Susan Lahoski, Chaplain
  • Amazing Grace - Jermaine B. - Resident
  • Closing - Father Jack Kull

*COVID precautions including masks and screening were utilized. Residents appear with express permission.