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60 West Celebrates National Healthcare Environmental Services Week 2020

September 15, 2020

ROCKY HILL (September 15, 2020) – 60 West started off the week by recognizing and thanking the housekeeping and laundry staff that are a critical part of their environmental services team and daily operation.  As with much of iCare’s recognition it came in the form of treats!

September 13-29 is National Healthcare Environmental Services Week and their service means even more in 2020 as the COVID pandemic continues and environmental services teams are on the front lines everyday. A safe, hygienic, orderly, compliant and consistently clean environment is critical to the health and safety of residents and staff alike. 

According to an article by Patti Costello, Executive Director of the Association for the Health Care Environment, titled We ARE Environmental Services, “These are noble professions with their own unique concerns, challenges and significant contributions; but healthcare environmental services professionals care for a highly complex, regulated environment where sick people want and need a care environment conducive to recovery and wellness. That very environment plays a key role in customer/patient satisfaction and quality outcomes throughout a patients’ continuum of care. Simply put, healthcare environmental services contributes to saving lives every day.”

**Contact precautions, personal protective equipment and other infection control processes are in effect in all iCare centers.