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iCare Celebrates Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day 2019

Parkville Care Center, iCare Health Network, Puerto Rican Day Parade, Chelsea Place, Trinity Hill

HARTFORD (June 3, 2019) – On June 2, 2019, staff and their families from Chelsea Place, Parkville and Trinity Hill Care Centers represented iCare at the 2019 Greater Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade and Festival del Coqui. The iCare team marched in the parade from Wawarme Avenue, ending in Bushnell Park, decked out in matching t-shirts and regalia and accompanied by two decorated Jeeps. 

The day’s theme was Honrando el Pasado y Celebrando el Futuro; honoring the past and celebrating the future. The event is organized by the Connecticut Institute for Community Development’s Puerto Rican Parade Committee. According to their website they are, ”committed to preserving our culture by promoting leadership and education, celebrating traditions and being involved in community service for the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Community.”