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Update on the Status of iCare Health Network's COVID-19 Response

MANCHESTER (April 23, 2020) – As is the case with skilled nursing centers across Connecticut and the country, residents at iCare Health Network care centers have tested positive for COVID and in many cases those residents had been transferred at that time to other iCare facilities with the resources to care for COVID positive residents. The families or other representatives for these residents have been notified immediately of symptoms and/or positive tests.

Since the initial onset and transfers iCare has had additional residents test positive whom we will treat in place, as we have the resources and sufficient PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to safely care for these residents. We have also had some of our staff test positive for COVID and they have been off duty from the facility and quarantines  for CDC required time frames. 

We are closely following CDC Guidelines for the prevention of COVID and care of COVID positive residents. As you’ve probably heard in local and national news,  containment of the spread of the virus has been extremely challenging to even the best efforts of healthcare providers.

I’d like to share with you some excerpts from a statement released last week by industry associations, Connecticut Association of Healthcare Facilities and Leading Age, regarding the impact that Coronavirus has had on Connecticut Nursing Homes:

“It is important to understand that the spread of COVID-19 within Connecticut nursing homes is a reflection of the pernicious character of the virus and is in no way a reflection of the quality of the nursing home or the care it provides.

 “We now know that this insidious virus can be carried and spread by people who show no symptoms. And once it enters a building, it becomes very difficult to contain. Our best efforts to defend against its entry have been breached and the tools and guidance we have been given to contain it have continued to change, sometimes on a daily basis, as the medical experts learn more about the science and behavior of the disease. 

“Connecticut nursing homes have followed all of the guidance and best practices made available by state and federal authorities to keep Covid-19 from entering the building.  The data continues to show that Covid-19 is making its way indiscriminately into nursing homes in Connecticut and across the Nation. This means that nursing home operators and employees who are doing all the right things will have to battle the virus through no fault of their own”

We remain committed to providing the best care we can while we together rise to meet this challenge to the health of our residents, staff and community . We are doing everything we can through education, distancing, isolation, procurement, constant and meticulous deep cleaning and sanitization and provision of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

There aren’t enough words to express the pride and appreciation we have for our staff’s commitment to the care of our residents. They have been  courageous and compassionate, and I hope that when you will keep them , and all our residents  in your thoughts and prayers.