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Pastor Joel Rissinger and Corporate Chaplaincy Services Providing Pastoral Care to iCare Health Network

February 26, 2019
iCare Health Network, Pastor Joel, Corporate Chaplaincy Services

MANCHESTER (February 26, 2019) –  iCare Health Network is pleased and proud to offer spiritual support to our residents, families and staff through Joel Rissinger and his team at Corporate Chaplaincy Services (CCS).

Pastor Joel and the other chaplains act as ‘spiritual cheerleaders’ for all staff and patients. They give special care to residents who are struggling with aspects of their lives as a result of substance use disorder.

Pastor Joel started working with iCare about six years ago and after forming CCS has once again been providing chaplaincy services to iCare. Recently, he and his team began providing those services to Parkville Care Center in Hartford.

Non-denominational services offered by CCS include weekly visits, one-on-one coaching, group studies, worship services, training events, communion, prayer support, hospice chaplaincy and other vital programming elements key to the success of residents, families and staff in their journey. 

“We love serving the iCare family of facilities,” Pastor Joel shared, “We feel so honored and blessed to work with such amazing people. Our prayer is that we will add value and support the vision of this great company as it applies to staff, patients, vendors, and the community at large.”

To get in touch with Pastor Joel or others at corporate chaplaincy services, call 860-938-2725, email  , or just visit their website, www.corporatechaplaincyservices.org.