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Radiant Memories: Celebrating National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2024

MANCHESTER (May 13, 2024) – The entire iCare team is excited to celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), also known as Nursing Home Week. The week is an annual observance held in May, dedicated to honoring the contributions of nursing home employees and recognizing the strength of nursing home residents.

NSNCW 2024 embraces the theme Radiant Memories - A Tribute to the Golden Age of Radio. The theme embraces a time when the airwaves resonated with captivating stories and melodies. More than nostalgia, “Radiant Memories” is a call to honor the enduring legacy of skilled nursing care centers. In these centers, residents and staff contribute to the creation of radiant memories, akin to the cherished moments shared through music and stories over the radio waves. ​​​

Radio broadcasts have played a pivotal role in American life, from presidential fireside chats and war updates to old-time radio dramas and American Top 40 hits. Families and friends gathered around the radio to hear the latest music and tune into their favorite shows.

Established by AHCA in 1967, NSNCW starts each year on Mother’s Day and encourages skilled nursing care centers around the country to host a variety of events that shine a light on the individuals who reside, work, and volunteer in nursing centers while adhering to infection control requirements.