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Richard's Story -- Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program Outcome: 2017

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Patient Richard B. – Orthopedic Outcome

I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis and but I have man-aged to live alone in my lifelong home. I had a bad fall in my home and I became weak and unable to move. My condition became so serious I went to the emergency room. They discovered that the injury to my neck was so serious it left me in severe pain and unable to move. I had emergency surgery under the expert hands of Dr. Kruger.

During the first week after my surgery, my pain was so bad I wanted to die. I could not move, I thought I was going to be a vegetable. I was miserable. Dr. Kruger told me to be patient and work with rehab.

I chose Touchpoints at Manchester for my inpatient rehab. I had been there before and Touchpoints is the only place I wanted to go.

My sister had been in constant contact with Kim, the Care Navigator at Touchpoints, She pre-booked my stay while I was in the hospital, so when I was ready to discharge from the hospital they were ready for me. The entire staff did everything they could to help me manage my pain and encourage me to do a little more every day. I began to get a little better every day.

Kim, the Care Navigator and Physical Therapist came with me to both of my post-surgical appointments with Dr. Kruger. It was so great having her there, it helped me, my family and my doctor. We were all able to discuss my course of treatment and helped me better plan for my future. Kim gave me the support to speak up about what I really wanted in my future.

I went from needing total care to being able to get out of bed myself, move around in my wheelchair to NOW walking with my walker! My family and friends tell me I am a miracle, even Dr. Kruger was amazed at my progress. I went from a future in long term care to now going home, TODAY!

I almost gave up but the wonderful people at Touchpoints gave me the help and support I needed to be able to go home. I cannot thank enough my surgeon, Dr. Kruger, my family, and the staff at Touchpoints. I have my life back. Home means everything to me.

I give Touchpoints a 5 out of 5 rating.

* Patient’s name, photograph and details of care were used with express written permission from the patient.