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September is Health Aging Month!

September 20, 2022

MANCHESTER (September 20, 2022) – September is Healthy Aging Month! The designation of Healthy Aging Month is over 15 years old and was meant to bring awareness to all parts of a healthy lifestyle. September was chosen because now is the time to focus on new activities as the Summer ends. Drawing on the “back to school” urge embedded in everyone from childhood, the observance month’s activities are designed to encourage people to rejuvenate and get going on positive measures that can impact the areas of wellness.

Good overall health includes many factors including diet, exercise, social interactions and skills, financial health and more. All of these factors combine to further contribute to successful aging. Healthy Aging Month is based in the idea of encouraging you to act how you feel, not your numerical age. This allows the individual to embrace a sense of wellbeing through a healthy mind and body.

At a basic level we all know what it takes to work on our overall health. The list itself is fairly basic and the small decisions we make every day add up. At its core, health aging includes regular movement through at least some light exercise a couple of times per week. Work too on maintaining a healthy diet which can be achieved through small, manageable changes to your diet than you maintain and build on over time.

You can also work on your well-being by staying social, especially in the era of COVID. Find safe ways to meet up with family and friends whether virtually or in person. While COVID continues to present a challenge to gathering when case numbers arise, its more important than ever to socialize and bond with those important to us.

Another simple step towards healthy aging is to get regular check ups and physicals from your medical provider. Don’t let lingering medical issues, long standing ailments or injuries that just won’t go away go unchecked. Prevention is the key! Along these lines, research your family tree to see how old relatives were when they passed, and talk over with your physician your family history.