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Care Transitions Program Outcome - Post Open Heart Surgery: Raymond's Story

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FARMINGTON (April 24, 2018) – In March of 2018, Touchpoints at Farmington resident Raymond D. provided the following testimonial about the care he received from the nursing staff and the Care Transitions Team while recovering from open heart surgery.  


Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Bypass x 4, Aortic Stenosis, CAD.

“I chose Touchpoints at Farmington because of the CHF program and how many great things I heard from SFH and their partnership.  I really liked the idea that SFH would still get updates , be involved in my care and provide instructions to them once I left. I had a great stay over all.  The food was good and all the staff were pleasant and attentive. Carolyn is the best!

“Throughout my stay the CHF team were amazing in helping me recover, teaching me things I needed to know, updating my surgeon, Cardiologist, son and myself.  They kept me informed on everything with lab tests, vital signs, medications, and new orders that my doctor and surgeon suggested.  I was really impressed that the CHF team (Anna and Billy) were able to review my hospital records and compare them with my current records and update Saint Francis Hospital with that information.

“I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Anna. She came into the facility on a weekend to meet with my son and I to review all my home medications with my current medications to make sure there were no issues when I left.  She visited me every day and reported all of my care to Billy to make sure nothing was being missed.  I know Anna will also be contacting me weekly when I leave to make sure I stay on track and address any questions so the care doesn’t stop when I leave.

“I would choose Touchpoints at Farmington again if I needed a facility stay, especially if I would be on the CHF program again.”

A message from Raymond’s son:

“Thank you ALL for your OUTSTANDING Performance, from the Administration on down including Social Service, iCare and finally the workers who should all be COMMENDED for going above and beyond.”