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Thank you to the individuals and groups who have inquired with us as to how they can help nursing home residents and staff during the COVID-19 crisis. And thank you for coming to this page! We appreciate the sentiment and every bit of help.

If you need more information on any of the below, contact us at

Here are some ideas on how you might help us or any other nursing home and its residents and staff:

  1. Sew and donate homemade face masks. For a tutorial, see the link and video in this section. Click here…

  2. Donate your unused surgical masks, N95 or KN95 respirator masks, or other personal protective equipment. If iCare is in a position to be able to donate it on to another organization in need we will do so. There are still many. Click here…
  3. Are your kids bored at home? Have them draw a happy picture that serves to brighten up the day of a resident or thanks a healthcare hero. They could also cut out paper heart shapes for residents and staff or many other craft projects to brighten the atmosphere. 
  4. Write notes or cards for residents. We can help connect you with a resident if you would like a pen pal. 
  5. Donations of meals and treats are appreciated. We just need to make sure they are done in a safe and smart way for all involved, such as preparation in a commercial kitchen, delivery without close contact, safe handling, etc. If you are interested contact or call the individual care center. 
  6. Send a resident or a healthcare hero a note, letter, picture or video through the iCareMessages page. Click here… 
  7. Consider helping out any healthcare hero or their family that you may know. The frontline worker is putting themselves in harm’s way but their family pays a price as well. Every little gesture is appreciated. Just ask them. 
  8. Share your positive stories with the media. The media has a job to do and is trying to cover this crisis but its important that they accurately reflect the hard work and sacrifice happening in the nursing homes. Not just the negatives and the tragedies. Letters to the Editor are a great place to start. Or send us your letter of support to and if its fits our criteria we will post to our blog and send out on social media. 
  9. Continue to practice social distancing and do your part. The more the curve flattens the better off we all do and faster too. Stay safe!