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Want to send a message to a loved one or friend residing in an iCare Health Network care center? Or, do you want to send a message of support to one of the healthcare heroes working each day to keep residents safe and comfortable during this crisis?

Use the form below to send a note or file to a specific resident or staff member or to groups or the whole team.  Attach a picture, drawing, letter or other file and we will make sure it gets to the right person or group.

Video and audio files can also be attached; maximum file size of 10mb. For larger files, please upload to YouTube, Vimeo or a similar video sharing site and send the link via iCareMessage system. 

Please note, sensitive information will be handled as such and directed only to the intended recipient. No individually identifiable personal health information should be shared. Content submitted on the form will be considered private and will NOT be used by iCare Health Network unless it is intended for public use or display with express permission.