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Silver Springs Care Center - Veteran's Program: Bruce's Story

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MERIDEN (March 28, 2018) – Bruce, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, sustained a left humeral fracture followed by a fall causing a right ankle fracture and required surgery and casting.  During this time he had complications resulting in atrial fibrillation and an acute infarct resulting in a stay in the ICU.  Once his overall condition stabilized at the hospital he was transferred to Silver Springs Care Center for rehabilitation.

Bruce was evaluated by Occupational and Physical Therapy the day of his admission and came to Silver Springs non-weight bearing on his affected arm and affected foot.  He was very concerned about his prognosis and course of care and did not want to be in a nursing facility.  Like many patients, he wanted to go home right away.  The whole team met with him and his former wife discussing what the following days would look like and how the team would help him adjust.  Within a few days Bruce’s pain was well-managed, his dietary needs were met, and he fully participated in all therapeutic activities.

Bruce’s discharge plans are being finalized now.  He is ambulating and managing most daily activities independently as a result of the hard work he put into therapy each and every single day.

“The care I received was outstanding all the time, from nursing to therapies; accelerating my healing process” says Bruce.

**Patient information and photo appear with express written permission.