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Fresh River Healthcare to Offer ‘Big and Loud’ Outpatient Parkinson’s Treatment

March 27, 2018
Fresh River Healthcare Center, iCare Health Network, Parkinson's Disease, LSVT, Big and Loud, Neuro-behavioral

EAST WINDSOR (March 27, 2018) –

Article appears in the Windsor Locks Journal, Windsor Journal and Bloomfield Messenger

For many years Fresh River Healthcare in East Windsor has been offering a variety of physical, occupational and speech therapies in an outpatient setting.  As of March 2018, Fresh River Healthcare in East Windsor is now providing a specialized and cutting edge Parkinson’s Disease therapy known as the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Therapy (LSVT). This treatment is also known as “Big and Loud”

A relatively new approach to treatment of Parkinson’s disease involves the concept of neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. This approach aims to address the “internal” aspects of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, leading to significant functional improvements.

A well-established and recognized therapy, LSVT improves the voice and speech of individuals with Parkinson’s disease by treating the physical pathology associated with a disordered voice. Led by a certified LSVT speech pathologist, the LOUD piece of the program deals specifically with speech skills most affected by Parkinson’s. Activities include breathing, voice and oral-motor exercises, sound exaggeration, loudness drills, and speech-pacing exercises.

As part of LSVT’s BIG portion, patients are shown specific exercises that involve large amplitude, exaggerated movement patterns, leading to smoother, larger, safer movements and improved quality of life. The goal of all of this work is that patients will learn to use their “big movements” automatically, in everyday living. This will be a result of long term carry-over of the amplitude training. By maintaining larger movements, patients will move better, with more confidence and safety.

According to Fresh River Administrator Jim Christofori, “As part of our focus on neuro-behavioral care and treatment we are expanding our support groups, therapies and other clinical supports. As such, we are very excited to be able to provide this therapy to the residents of the nursing center but also on an outpatient basis to members of the community.”

For more information on the program, contact Heather Bale, Community Liaison for Fresh River Healthcare at (860) 670-3430.