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Crushing COVID: Vaccine Clinics Continue at iCare Health Network

MANCHESTER (January 12, 2021) – Gallery #4 of COVID-19 vaccine clinics at iCare Health Network. This is the second round of clinics and as such is an opportunity for residents, staff and critical partners to receive a first or second dose.

iCare’s federal partner is Walgreens who has administered the program diligently and together great headway has been made in this massive undertaking.

For you. For me. For all. Get vaccinated!  

#GotVaccinated         #CrushingCOVID

The act of receiving the vaccine is both self protective and selfless. The immediate need is to protect the health and well being of residents and staff in every skilled nursing center within iCare, the State and country.

But beyond that, if collectively we want to open up the economy, get everyone back to school and work, get back to travel and leisure and return to normalcy, everyone who can get the vaccine should get the vaccine.

**Photos appear with permission.