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Fresh River Healthcare Uses Cutting Edge NeuroGym Equipment

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EAST WINDSOR (May 15, 2018) – With the assistance of the right circumstance, such as equipment and training, the brain has an amazing ability to re-learn lost motor skills. Recognizing this and the importance of maintaining physical abilities as we age, Fresh River Healthcare in East Windsor has invested in an active restorative program and equipment known as NeuroGym.

For many residents of a skilled nursing facility, an important outcome of their short term rehab stay is to gain functional independence by regaining strength, coordination and motor abilities such as dynamic balance and improved gait. The NeuroGym physical activation program at Fresh River is overseen by the highly trained Rehabilitation Team.  

After assessing each resident’s functional level, the Rehabilitation Team works with the resident to achieve improvements in function such as the ability to transition from sitting to standing. The NeuroGym machine for this purpose is known as the Sit-to-Stand Trainer and has clinical applications for patients with Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Partial Spinal Cord Injury, Hip and Knee Replacement, loss of standing ability and other diagnoses. It is highly effective in maintaining and improving lower extremity strength, thus contributing to steadier mobility and stability.

The Bungee Mobility Trainer improves mobility, stability and the ability we bear weight and can be used for retraining of gait in a safe environment – especially for the re-development of protective steps and reactions. Its clinical applications are similar to the Sit-to-Stand but also improve functional status for those with multiple sclerosis, multiple falls and Parkinson’s Disease.

Quickly deteriorating mobility and stability are typical to both Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease. Fresh River Healthcare has developed a Huntington’s Disease program and inpatient and outpatient Parkinson’s Disease programs that includes many cutting edge therapies and supports. The NeuroGym equipment and physical activation program will be available to those same residents and outpatients and will work as part of a holistic therapy and treatment program. For more information, please call Fresh River Healthcare at (860) 623-9846.