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National Nurse's Week in Unprecedented Times: Honoring iCare’s Heroic Nurses

National Nurse’s Week 2020: Honoring iCare’s Heroic Nurses

During this difficult and unprecedented time it is easy to lose focus on all that we have to celebrate.  However, it is with great honor and pride that I take the time to celebrate each and every one of you as we launch National Nurses Week.

Although we are unable to come together and share in the celebrations and festivities as usual, I think we can all agree this year’s celebration of our profession is the most meaningful of our entire career.  

During the most challenging of situations you have rose to every occasion and you did it with the utmost grace, professionalism and profound compassion.  I have been so impressed as I witnessed the care you have provided to our residents, their families and to one another.

I celebrate your strength, your skills and your resilience.  I have never been more proud to be a Nurse and to be part of such an amazing group of colleagues. #iCarestrong

                                            - Shari Yard, RN, Vice President of Clinical Operations 

Save one life, you’re a Hero

Save 100 lives, you’re a Nurse

     - Anonymous