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Painting and Art Therapy at Touchpoints at Bloomfield

Touchpoints at Bloomfield, iCare Health Network, Touchpoints Rehab, Art Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation

BLOOMFIELD (August 24, 2018) –

Article appeared in the Windsor Locks Journal, Windsor Journal and Bloomfield Messenger

By Cindy Payne, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Touchpoints at Bloomfield

For the past 3 years, Lori Racicot-Burrous has been coming to Touchpoints at Bloomfield as our very own Painting Consultant.  She actually started out as a student from the University of Hartford as an art major.  She came to our facility as a student for a community project that the college offered. 

When our previous Painting Consultant retired, Lori contacted the facility and wanted to have a chance to show her creativity. Lori had a vision of teaching the residents the importance of art and how it plays a major part in everyone’s lives.  Expressing yourself through art is a gift at any age.  

As one of our residents, Carol M. expressed, “I have never painted a day in my life and Lori has brought out my creative side that I never knew I even had. You are never too old to do something different, because you can have a talent that may come out at any age.”

Lori has her own art studio and exhibits her work throughout Connecticut. If you are interested in viewing any of her art work, her Facebook page is Lori Racicot Art and her website is LoriRacicot.com