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Touchpoints at Home Receives Praise from Patient and Family

ROCKY HILL – In March 2017, Touchpoints at Home, a Community Health accreditation Program (CHAP) accredited home care agency, received a detailed endorsement from a patient and his family. In her letter, the family member wrote:

“Touchpoints at Home has the most caring staff around.  The nurses spend time with Michael and I, and they care about the patient and their caregiver.  The nurses explain the health issues and the medications.  We have had other experiences with homecare nurses and we have had no other nurse take enough time to lay out and manage the medications like the nurses at Touchpoints at Home. Touchpoints at Home takes their time to make sure Michael and I understood what they were teaching us.  We especially feel Michelle the Administrator has moved heaven and earth for us.  She make sure the visits are performed with Michael, we have a way to call nurses, and she asks about Michael’s goals.  We would highly recommend Touchpoints at Home to anyone and over any other agency.”

Touchpoints at Home is managed by iCare Management of Manchester, CT and is devoted to providing a level of quality of care that encourages a safe and cost effective delivery of home health services.   Touchpoints at Home believes in keeping patients happy and safe while helping them to achieve their healthcare goals.