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Touchpoints at Manchester: Focus Outcome - Kelly's Story

Patient Kelly — Admitted to Touchpoints at Manchester from Manchester Memorial Hospital on 4/28/17, discharged home 5/7/17.

Diagnosis — Arterial ischemic vertebrobasilar cerebellar acute stroke.

“I am only in my 50’s so having a stroke was devastating not only from a medical level but I need to be able to work and support my family. My doctor at the hospital explained how serious my stroke was and because of the area of my brain it affected, I would likely not be able to go back to many activities such a working, riding my motorcycle, even walking would be a big challenge.

“I did not know what to think but I was certain I would not give up until I was back to my old self. I met Kim, a Physical Therapist from Touchpoints at Manchester. She explained to my wife and I that the rehab team at Touchpoints had expertise in stroke recovery. So I chose Touchpoints for my rehab.

“Well, I arrived at Touchpoints on 4/28 requiring help for everything, and today 5/7, only 10 days later, I am going home, walking on my own, not even a cane! I passed the balance test with a score of 100%. In just 10 days I feel I am almost back to being me again. My therapists did explain that my brain was still healing and it is important for me to not overdo it, continue with rehab and keep all my MD appointments.

“My wife and I are happy with the rehab and care at Touchpoints…the speed of my recovery speaks for itself. I am going home today!” -Kelly S.

*information and picture appear with express written consent from the patient.