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"When I needed rehab after my open heart surgery Touchpoints was my only choice"

MANCHESTER (February 11, 2019) – Touchpoints at Manchester recently received a glowing patient testimonial from a gentleman recovering from open-heart surgery.

Touchpoints’ transitional care nursing program includes close monitoring of patient such as these, recovering from invasive cardiac surgery and often requiring a complex care plan. 

Here is what he had to say:


My family have been fans of Touchpoints at Manchester for many years, so when I needed rehab after my open heart surgery Touchpoints was my only choice. I experienced many complications but the amazing nurses and therapists were on top of things every step of the way.

In addition to exceptional care, the food is excellent, my private room is beautiful, they even gave me a power lift recliner to help me protect my surgery.

The therapy staff is outstanding! They make all the hard work enjoyable.

Kim, my care navigator, even went with me to my cardiology appointment. Having her there made all the difference. Kim also made sure my stay was great in every way. She also supported my wife and daughter so this whole stressful event was easier for them too. Kim makes everyone feel like you are the most important person alive.

I am so surprised that I am going home so soon after all I have been through. My family and I feel confident that I am ready, and we all have the education and services I need to continue my recovery.

I give Touchpoints at Manchester 5 stars. I recommended Touchpoints to everyone.

Thank you all!

*Patient information and photo appear with express written consent.