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Wii Bowling League at Touchpoints at Bloomfield

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Cindy Payne, Director of Therapeutic Recreation

Article appeared in the Windsor Locks Journal

BLOOMFIELD – What a better way to spend the last Thursday of every month hosting a Wii Bowling Challenge with our friends from the Bloomfield Senior Center.  The residents at Touchpoints at Bloomfield have opened their home to this fine group of seniors in anticipation of showing the residents a grand old time. 

Group spokesperson Carolyn says, “We have a total of 13 participants and meet at the Senior Center to practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We go to other facility’s and senior centers as well to compete as a team.  Carolyn adds that the group feels awesome knowing that they are doing something good for the patients.”  Recreational Therapist Cindy Payne and her Assistant Dwayne Mullings prepare the room with excitement upon their arrival.  Chairs are placed stretigically for all who attend. 

Guests sit opposite of the home players while onlookers cheer on their team with colorful pom pom’s while cracking jokes and heckling our guests in a fun way.  As the program gets under way, staff members are drawn to the recreation room, watching from the doorway with smiles on their faces.  You can hear loud cheers and laughter from all participants. The Senior Center also have creative player names such as Sweet Pea, Dot Dot, Snoopy and Papi Seto.  

Cindy Payne says, “This wonderful program is not only a social gathering, but a program of making friendships and memories.  We are so lucky to have a group of caring seniors take the time to give back to their community in such a way that is beneficial to all who’s involved.”  We thank the Bloomfield Senior group for committing their time and making a difference in the lives of others.