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Happy National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2019 - Volume 3

MANCHESTER (May 15, 2019) – As National Skilled Nursing Care Week 2019 unfolds around the iCare Health Network care centers, the photos keep on  coming. Today’s post includes:

  • Let’s Make a Deal at Touchpoints at Bloomfield.
  • ‘Caribbean Cruising’ at Parkville Care Center
  • 50’s Day at Touchpoints at Manchester
  • Sixth Anniversary of 60 West
  • Zumba at Chelsea Place Care Center
  • Shirt Design Arts and Craft at Touchpoints at Farmington
  • Spa Day for residents and Meditation Group for staff on Monday and a cookout, bingo, Farm Day and a Pinata at Fresh River Healthcare on Tuesday. 

Keep checking back for more events and more photos!