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  • Pride in Food Service Week is an annual event honoring dietary managers and their employees to celebrate the important role they play in institutional food service. Nourishment is a critical part of the rehabilitation process and continued ongoing health and These dedicated teams keep residents fed, happy and full, tailoring menus and accommodating specialty diets.
  • On Groundhog’s Day 2022, the team at MissionCare at Holyoke celebrated the first anniversary of the care center’s operation. Put another way, they celebrated heading into Year Two on 2/2/22. To carry through with the dual themes, the Groundhog himself ignored the presence or absence of his shadow and visited residents and staff, delivering cupcakes and spreading traditional Groundhog Day cheer. Two dollar bills made an appearance as part of the thank you to the staff who have made…
  • iCare Health Network engages a company to administer periodic Resident Satisfaction Surveys to both long term care residents currently residing in the centers and residents recently discharged home.  These surveys provide a range of feedback and help iCare in improving and modifying customer service, clinical programs and the resident experience. Here is a sampling of positive comments that iCare residents shared about their overall experience and their feelings on the excellent iCare staff&#…
  • There are so many deep and meaningful quotes attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that resonate strongly for those in healthcare and in daily service to others. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 2021, as in years past, iCare shared a post with some of Dr. King’s eloquent and meaningful quotes and facts about King. Many resonate in 2022, such as, “We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.” Other quotes that are for our current moment but also ti…
  • As part of the major Christmas festivities that always take place around iCare Health Network, holiday pajamas and ugly sweaters made an appearance. December17th was National Ugly Sweater Day and Parkville Care Center and MissionCare at Holyoke definitely came through!  Check back for more photos as they continue to roll in from around the Network.