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Irving's Story -- Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Outcome: December 2017

Irving's Story, Touchpoints at Manchester, iCare Management, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Patient Outcome: Pneumonia Diagnosis, Pulmonary Program

I had only a few hours to decide which rehab to go to. My care manager at the Manchester Memorial Hospital was very helpful in providing information about my options. Due to my illness, I was now on oxygen and need-ed to make sure pulmonary rehab was on my check list.

I chose Touchpoints at Manchester, and I am glad I did.

It is very stressful being so ill and not knowing what to expect. The unknown creates stress for both the patient and the family. I was truly unaware of just how compromised I was. My expectations of myself were not realistic so my expectations of others were unrealistic too.

Thank God for Kim, my Care Navigator, and Debbie, my angel CNA. They immediately supported me to feel more confident about my care and helped me to better understand the process of getting better. Because of this support I was able to focus on my recovery. I was provided with a power lift chair and a special bed that improved my comfort and independence.

My wife received wonderful support as well. She could contact Kim 24/7 with questions or to just chat. Kim is a doer, she gets things done and always with a smile.

Touchpoints at Manchester is pet-friendly!! My beautiful dog Abby is family and was able to visit everyday. Kim even made sure she had her very own water dish. These visits with my dog kept me focused on getting home.

Rehab was strongly recommended and Touchpoints did a home assessment. This was eye opening for both me and my wife. This home assessment provided me with a honest view of what I really needed to do to be ready for home. I was more motivated after this visit. My wife has challenges of her own and I did not want to put too much on her.

My Touchpoints experiences was wonderful. I feel like I was part of a family here. I will recommend Touchpoints at Manchester whole heartedly. I encourage others to be an active part in your health care plan. Touchpoints at Manchester will encourage and support you.

* Patient’s name, photograph and details of care were used with express written permission from the patient.