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iCare's Signature iRecovery Program Celebrates Three Years


HARTFORD – In June of 2017, iCare’s iRecovery Program celebrated its third anniversary over cake at a small gathering of patients, clinicians and administrators.

Operating in eight iCare facilities, the iRecovery Program is designed to treat active addiction and teach sober living skills with the goal of long-term sobriety and recovery.

Facing an ongoing epidemic of opioid abuse, overdose and death, this groundbreaking program addresses addiction through intensive group and individual therapy while patients recover from secondary health impacts of substance use. It is this immediacy that helps patients commit to a plan of sobriety and mitigates repeat admission into inpatient healthcare settings. 

In partnership with Wexford Behavioral Health, the iRecovery model is designed to empower patients to break the cycle of addiction while in the supportive and consistent environment of a skilled nursing facility. Patients are connected with resources and supports to assure maximum success. Visitation considerations, medication management and environmental safety are keys to success.

In the course of its three year history the program has served over 600 patients with a focus on decreasing relapse and highlighting reintegration into the community.

Images of patients appear with express written permission.


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