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  • iCare Health Network, Touchpoints Rehab, Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Studies, Tuck.com Caregiving is associated with sleep loss, which can put caregivers at a higher risk of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, altered immune functioning, and depression. Combined with stress, sleep loss is associated with increased severity of fatigue, negative mood, and cognitive impairment. With good sleep, caregivers can manage stress and energy levels, and face each day more prepared to handle daily life and responsibilities. Healthy sleep habits and a priority on sleep can improve…
  • iCare Health Network, Touchpoints Rehab, Touchpoints at Bloomfield, End of Summer The staff and residents of Touchpoints at Bloomfield knows how to beat the heat with an impromptu End of Summer Party.  The sounds of the blender hard at work making sherbet-coolers we’re met with Summer hits of the 60’s coming from the Recreation Room. 
  • iCare Health Network, Fresh River Healthcare, Touchpoints Rehab, ACP Synchrony Dysphagia Fresh River is using a virtual reality sEMG biofeedback system known as Synchrony for residents with difficulty swallowing known as dysphagia. The program allows the speech pathologist, as well as the client, to visualize the swallow activity on a television screen. The information allows the patient and therapist to ‘see the swallow’ to help guide the client through therapeutic exercises with a series interactive activities that addresses dysfunction typically associated with d…
  • iCare Health Network, Touchpoints at Farmington, Touchpoints Rehab, Pet Therapy The residents at Touchpoints at Farmington have been delighted by a new friend who has been visiting the skilled nursing community on a regular basis. When Tenley comes through the door she is greeted with a very warm welcome. Tenley is a beautiful black and ruby Cavalier Kin Charles who has recently graduated from the Tails of Joy Training Program to become a Certified Pet Therapy Dog. 
  • Touchpoints at Bloomfield, iCare Health Network, Touchpoints Rehab, Art Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation Lori Racicot-Burrous has been coming to Touchpoints at Bloomfield as our very own Painting Consultant. She came to our facility as a student for a community project that the college offered.  When our previous Painting Consultant retired, Lori contacted the facility and wanted to have a chance to show her creativity. Lori had a vision of teaching the residents the importance of art and how it plays a major part in everyone’s lives.  Expressing yourself through art is a gift at any age.