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  • May 12-18th is National Skilled Nursing Care Week, still known to many as National Nursing Home Week. This is a time to celebrate the residents, staff, care centers and culture of caring that are integral to skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing centers assist our seniors and people with disabilities in living their happiest and best lives. Check back throughout the week for pictures and descriptions of iCare Health Network’s Nursing Home Week events. 
  • iCare Health Network, Touchpoints at Chestnut, National Nurses' Week 2019 May 6-12th is “National Nurses’ Week”. Nurses provide care in every healthcare setting, in difficult situations and conditions and often at great personal sacrifice. This is a time to celebrate and honor the hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and care provided by nurses all around the country every day of the year. Nurses make up the backbone of the healthcare system as the largest and most diverse of all the healthcare professions. 
  • You’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition—now what? For many, this diagnosis can come as a real blow. We all make plans and set goals, but none of them include dealing with constant pain. Your doctor has presented you with a few options to help you cope with the condition, but you’re not sure which is the best for you. If you are grappling for your next step, here is a possible path to stand up to your chronic pain and reclaim your life.
  • iCare Health Network, Fresh River Healthcare, Duarte Machado, Parkinson's Disease, Movement Disorders On April 24, 2019 Fresh River Healthcare hosted a presentation by Dr. Duarte Machado of the David and Rhonda Chase Family Movement Disorders Center. Dr. Machado presented to an assembled group of caregivers, clinicians, persons with Parkinson disease and others on the topic of “Dyskinesia: The Sudden and Uncontrolled Movements of Patients with Parkinson Disease.”
  • Depression affects millions of Americans each year, leading to other issues that can take a toll on physical health, job performance, and the ability to take care of oneself. For seniors who are suffering from depression, these issues can become major problems that manifest in different ways. There are many different contributors to depression in older adults, from loneliness to the loss of a loved one, which means there are just as many approaches to healing.